Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Byron Eaton's epic shot may not have made the difference during that t triple OT battle between Texas and Oklahoma State but it was certainly the one highlight stood out the most. With the shot clock winding down and the ball bouncing its way out of bounds, Oklahoma State's Eaton ran it down and put up a shot as he was falling down. Swish. The shot was so improbable that some dubbed it the "Miracle Shot."

It may have taken a few years, but Eaton's shot was just one-upped. In the final minutes of the Estonian League semifinal playoff match between Kalev/Cramo and Tarvas, 28-year-old Armands Skele of Kalev chased after a ball on its way out of bounds and tried to keep it in play. Not only did he manage to save it and avoid a team turnover, he launched it toward the hoop with his back to the basket. As he was falling out of bounds, the ball was dropping through the net. Swish!

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