Monday, 12 December 2011

Tom Brady, Bill O'Brien Argue: Patriots QB Curses At Offensive Coordinator

Setting the tempo with a no huddle offense, the New England Patriots marched down to the Washington Redskins' four-yard line midway through the fourth quarter on Sunday. Already leading, 34-27, the Pats were looking to put the game away when Tom Brady took a third-down snap in the shotgun formation. The two-time Super Bowl MVP dropped back and then threw a pass intended for Tiquan Underwood, who was crossing the back of the end zone. But Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson picked off the pass, giving his offense another chance to level the score.

After the play, CBS cameras caught something even more unusual than a miscue by Brady in the red zone, the New England quarterback lost his cool, erupting at one of his coaches on the sideline. Seemingly in disagreement over the ill-fated pass to Underwood, Brady and offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien got into a heated argument on the sideline. At one point, the Patriots star appears to scream "No sh**!" toward the coach, who didn't back down against the team's star player. In fact, O'Brien brought plenty of his own fire to the exchange as the 34-year-old Brady sat on the bench drinking water. Eventually, head coach Bill Belichick had to intervene and calm everyone down.

After the Pats escaped with a win, the two seemed to clear the air with a hug and Brady accepted the blame during his postgame press conference.

"I threw a pretty bad interception so he wasn't happy about it. It was probably a long line of coaches and players that were pretty pissed at me after that, but Billy got to me first and he let me have it," Brady said. "I deserved it. We're both pretty emotional guys. That's what I deserve. You make bad plays, you're supposed to get yelled at by your coaches."

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