Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Girl In China Gets Run Over By SUV, Still Goes To School (VIDEO)

After reportedly throwing a temper tantrum on her way to school by sitting down in the middle of the street, a SUV ran over a little girl in eastern China, the Associated Press reports.

In an amazing group effort, bystanders lifted the SUV off the 5-year-old child, who was then sent to the hospital. Unfortunately for her, her mother still made her go to school the same day.

Last month, video surfaced of what could be the world's most dangerous to-school commute. According to the Telegraph, the journey is a total of 120 miles, 50 of which cannot be accessed by vehicles. It also includes a particularly dangerous stretch, where the path narrows to only a few inches over a 1,000-foot-high cliff.

Stories like these draw heightened attention to what many like NBC's Rehema Ellis have deemed "a whole culture that really values education."

"Kids there love learning," NBC's Rehema Ellis said. "And in many ways, their success in school is a direct consequence of a whole culture that really values education."

This incident comes after "horrifying" footage surfaced of a 2-year-old girl in China being run over twice, and left to die by passersby. The video shows at least a dozen people walk by the child, clearly noticing her, but not stopping to help. Luckily for the girl in the video above, the two didn't share the same fate.

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