Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kristen Wiig's Emotional 'SNL' Goodbye

As previously mentioned, neither NBC nor ‘Saturday Night Live‘ would formally confirm the departures of cast members Andy Samberg or Kristen Wiig, but last night’s Mick Jagger-hosted episode, was all the confirmation you’ll need.

In the last sketch of the night, a very loosely staged graduation piece with Mick Jagger playing himself as the principal of…OK it doesn’t really make sense as a sketch. But as an emotional goodbye to ‘SNL’s MVP Kristen Wiig, it was brilliant.

With the ‘SNL’ cast dressed like graduating students, Jagger specifically called Wiig to the staged to the cheers of the audience. Jagger announced to both Wiig and the audience, “Our music department got together to prepare a little song to say goodbye.” With the backing of Arcade Fire and the Foo Fighters, Jagger launched into a rendition of the Rolling Stones classic “She’s Like a Rainbow.

Wiig took turns dancing with each cast member, often sharing a kiss or a hug, and it was all par for the course until Wiig’s fellow female cast members joined her on stage and you could see the emotions start to flow. By the time Bill Hader joined her on stage, Wiig was openly crying on stage as she buried her head in his shoulder. It was a rare touching moment from Studio 8H.She danced in turn with Jagger, cast members and executive producer Lorne Michaels to the tune of the Rolling Stones classic "She's a Rainbow." Then the ensemble sang another Stones hit, "Ruby Tuesday," with its line, "still I'm gonna miss you."

Wiig appeared to be holding back tears.

Though NBC had made no prior announcement of her departure, it comes as no surprise. She starred in and co-wrote the hit comedy "Bridesmaids," and even before that had notable roles in "Friends With Kids," "Paul," "Adventureland" and "Knocked Up," among other films. She has six more in various stages of development.

Wiig's almost limitless range of characters on "SNL" has included neurotic attention-seeker Penelope; Kat, half of the musical duo Garth and Kat (alongside Fred Armisen); and such real-life notables as Bjork, Kathie Lee Gifford and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis have also been reported to be leaving "SNL," though Michaels recently said any decision on cast changes will wait until the summer.

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