Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dancing with the Stars": The Kardashians dominate the finals

CBS) Would she scream? Would she shout obscenities? Would she stand up and declare: "It should have been me!" This was the question that burned through most intestines at last night's finals of "Dancing with the Stars."

No, the "she" I am referring to is not Nancy Grace. Nor is it Cher. It is the great former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Kim Kardashian, who turned up to offer her little brother Rob a fearsome - if not flying - buttress.

Pictures: "Dancing with the Stars" Season 13

Where previous episodes had been the equivalent of a sloth after a very large bowl of menudo, suddenly we were only given one hour to enjoy the finalists offering two dances - one which they hadn't so far danced in the competition, and the other a vastly unpredictable freelance.

As everyone else in the audience sat, the Kardashian clan rose as one to applaud, high five and get on their cell phones to offer exclusive interviews. I might just be mistaken about that last part.

Smirnoff, partner to Martinez, wanted to do a lift in which he hooked her neck. This seemed a little wishful, as Smirnoff has already endured serious surgery on her neck. In final rehearsal, Smirnoff began to panic, to weep and to generally perturb anyone watching.

Theirs was a salsa-inspired piece, with a little hip-hopping thrown in, just in case someone under 45 had switched to the wrong channel or supped a little too much Bacardi Breezer.

This was clearly the most enjoyable of the freestyles, even if Martinez was still a slave to the lack of rhythm.

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